Guys do listen on first dates: How my wife got a spice rack

spice rack4


Description: On my first date with my future wife  to be, she told me that her dream was to own a jar rack. Six years later
I came across the HJÄLMAREN in Ikea.I thought to myself, that’s a cool piece, I don’t need a towel holder, but maybe there’s something else I can do with it, and then it hit me. It’s my first date with my wife. I thought to go to the market to buy jars that could fit, but then I recalled that Ikea also has a kitchen department. I ran over there, collecting all jars from all sizes I could carry, straight to the bathroom section. I tried the different jars, to see which one fits. At last, the Korken Jar was the perfect match.

spice rack1 spice rack2 spice rack3

I bet my wife is sorry that she didn’t ask for a trip to the Caribbeans, but I can always say I made her dream come true. So next time you’re on a first date, pay a second thought to what you wish for.

~ Adam Sherez, Israel