Put together a Stolmen 165×215 cm bed with storage



Materials: Stolmen, Lack, Fyndig

Description: We wanted a bed with a lot of storage.

We achieve it with :
– 3x STOLMEN 110×50 cm
– 3x STOLMEN 55×50 cm
– 3x LACK 55×55 cm
– 1 LACK 55×55 (cut in 3 parts)
– 2 FYNDIG 220×60
– 2 LACK 30×26

FYNDIG are fixed together with metal bars, screws …

The image is self-explanable.

It tooks about 5h for me to put together all these products.
Count about 30 min for each STOLMEN.
I spent 45 min to cut and assemble the LACK (D on the picture)

~ arnapou

Jules Yap