Sniglar Crib to Sleeper

photo 1

Materials: crib SNIGLAR (Not for sale anymore in Portugal), 1 wooden board (15€)

Description: After 2 years, and before changing them to a real bed, I decided to try and change the crib into a sleeper so that my two small ladies wouldn’t feel a big change in their lives and had the feeling of sleeping in an open bed where they could leave whenever they wanted.

All the hack I found were not what I was looking for so I gave it a try. One other thought was that I didn’t want to damage the cribs so that they can be used for another baby.

With that in mind I bought a wooden board and used the original Ikea screws. The only damage on the crib is a new hole on each side.

photo 4

The board measures length: 130 cm, width: 3 cm and height: 30 cm. It is a little wider than the crib vertical structure but I was afraid that the structure wouldn’t withstand the lack of one side. Today I would buy a 2.5 cm board. Is more than enough.

30 cm of weight so that they wouldn’t fall if they rollover.

photo 3

The screws are the original ones so that the crib wouldn’t be damaged and where visual matters it makes the sleeper more stylish.

photo 2

All the board edges were sanded for safety.

As an option you may “give” your kids permission to paint the board. I did (sorry but no photo) and they were thrilled.

There you have it: a solid crib, super easy to create, and that you can reset it with another, maybe later, baby.