Football-Themed Boys Bunk Bed Makeover on a Budget

football bunk bed
Photo Credit: Kirsty Haslam

Kirsty Haslam’s eldest boy finally wanted a bed of his own, and not any boys bunk bed, but a football-themed (or what some may call soccer) room. Kirsty came up with a clever hack to turn her son’s existing IKEA KURA bed into a bunk bed — gaining extra sleep space and a play area without using much floor space. A bunk bed is also great for sleepovers.

In her Instagram account @houseofhaz, she guides us through the step-by-step process of turning a standard KURA reversible loft bed into an adorable bunk bed with a football theme.

Materials Needed:

  • IKEA KURA bed
  • 6-pack of 4×4 cm wooden batons
  • Large sheet of MDF (25mm thick)
  • Screws
  • Cable ties
  • Kids cargo net
  • Electric drill
  • Saw
  • Paint
  • Bunkbed stairs (Deck risers, Window board)

Football Bunk Bed Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Assemble the KURA Bed

If you’re buying a new bed, start by assembling the KURA bed. You’ll want to utilize the reversible bed in the low bed position, making use of the bunk bed frame to create the top bunk.

Step 2: Add Wooden Batons for Structure

Use the 4×4 wooden batons to create a frame around the top of the KURA bed structure. This will add strength and stability to the bunk bed. Secure the batons with screws to ensure a solid foundation.

Step 3: Attach Additional Struts

Add extra struts down the back of the KURA bed for additional support. This step is crucial for ensuring the bunk bed is secure and safe for use.

Step 4: Fix the Bed to the Wall

Secure the modified KURA bed to the wall for added stability. Use appropriate screws and anchors to ensure a firm attachment.

Step 5: Cut and Attach the MDF Sheet

Cut the 25mm thick MDF sheet to fit the top of the KURA bed. Screw it securely in place, creating a sturdy base for the top bunk.

Step 6: Build a Frame up to the Ceiling

Construct a frame from the top of the KURA bed to the ceiling. Make sure to check the direction of your ceiling struts and attach the frame accordingly for maximum support.

Step 7: Add a Kids Cargo Net

Attach a specialized kid’s cargo net to the frame using cable ties. This creative touch not only lends to the football theme but also serves as a fun and functional safety feature. The net works like guardrails, only cooler.

Step 8: Theme with Paint

Paint the football bunk bed in your kid’s favorite color or your child’s favorite team colors. Alternatively, create a unique football-inspired design to further bring the football theme home. Kirsty’s color of choice is from Lick (Blue 04 and 17).

Football Bunk Bed Cost Breakdown:

Kirsty Haslam’s project cost £311 ($390), including the IKEA KURA bed, MDF, timber, and the cargo net. Not bad at all for a custom kid’s bunk bed.

One commenter asked the most popular question regarding bunk beds.

How do you change the sheets on the top bunk?

Kirsty replied, “I have taken to dragging the mattress off the (open) end to change the fitted sheet. Then I just throw the rest on from the end and tell him to make his bed.” Sounds like a plan.

If you don’t need a twin bunk, omit the mattress at the top and use it as a play space or reading nook.

How to DIY bunk bed stairs?

Boys bunk bed - DIY stairs
Photo Credit: Kirsty Haslam

Kirsty did not hack the usual TROFAST step unit into the stairs. Instead, she used 4-step Deck Risers and Primed White MDF window boards from B&Q to create the structure. She cut the window boards to the length she wanted for the steps. Then, notched the top left and right corners of the boards to slot the window boards onto the risers. Nail or screw the boards to the risers.

Have you built and hacked your kids’ bedroom furniture? We’d love to feature it. Here’s how to share it with us.

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