Custom Chalkboard Knuff


Materials: Knuff Magazine Files, 1.5 tsp unsanded white tile grout, 1 fl oz acrylic paint, plastic cup, plastic spoon, paintbrush, and chalk

Description: **Note: This might be bordering on simply repainting an item, but it might be a worthwhile resource to some Ikea Hackers out there that they’re not limited to store-bought colors of chalkboard paint for their projects. Anyways…**

I gave my Knuff files a base layer of paint (white on the sides, teal on the visible sides). When the base layer was dry, I mixed up 1.5 tsp unsanded white tile grout and half a tube of acrylic craft paint and then painted the visible sides of the magazine files. After two or three coats of the custom chalkboard paint dried, I slated it with a piece of chalk and then rubbed the chalk residue off. At this point, my custom-color Knuff files were ready for use.


With custom chalkboard paint, I was able to make these Ikea Knuff magazine files match the teal accents that appear throughout my home.

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~ iris