DIY Cat Apartment, Storage and Play Area

photo 2

Hi! This is my Ikea Hack inspired 100% Ikea Cat apartment for my 2x Japanese Bob Tail Kittens.

Items are as follows
EXPEDIT 2×4 = 1
EXPEDIT 2×2 = 1
EXPEDIT 1×1 = 2 (used as steps, 2 panels ea)
EXPEDIT cupboard doors Green = x2
LACK 1×1 Shelf = 2 (2 spare, will mount on wall )
Ikea Rug (Seasonal, green in Xmas display section) = 7

Cat Scratch Post =
Lack Table Leg = 3 screwed together with provided screw
Base is Lack Table with bored hole = 1
+ Sissal Rope
Top is 2x NYTTJA Frames glued together + carpet

All items are “placed adjacent” to one another. The buckles that come with EXPEDIT is used as L brackets to secure to wall and one another.