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Kitchen After

So we redid our kitchen about 2 years ago, but we only put up one line of kitchen tiles (because the store had only one box at the time) and we said that when we have time we would put the rest up…(Lol) 2 years later… that never happened.

Kitchen before

Due to the fact that I get bored of things very quickly I thought I might DIY it.

Yesterday, I started painting and thought I would paint some flowers or shapes… but who am I kidding… I can’t draw even if my life counted on it….

I got so frustrated about it, I just left it and said “I’ll do it in the next 2 years”.
Got up this morning, and as I was having a cup of coffee, I saw my place mats… IDEA!!! Off to Ikea I go…
I found these striped black and silver place mats which were perfect (and only for 0.99 euro!!!)

What I did was to get the place mats (Total of 10 for my kitchen) and cut them down to the exact size of the space between the tiles and the upper cabins, and stuck double sided the tape (you can also use a glue gun or silicone) on the back and onto the wall.

And here we have the finished project! Hope you like!!!

Kitchen siply's

It’s so easy, no tiles, no mess, no fuss and it only took me an hour to do.

The best 3 things about this Hack:
1. It’s Cheap!!! (each mat cost 0.99 euro at Ikea and I already had the tape and the scissors) Total cost: 9.90 Euro.
2. Very easy to clean… chuck them into the dish washer and stick them back on the wall (you can’t do that with tiles can you???)
3. If and when I get bored of the pattern or colors, just make a quick visit to Ikea and get new place mats.