Expedit mini desk/nightstand for a tiny bedroom – $40!


Materials: 1 Expedit 2×2 (201.353.00)

Additional frills: 1 Jules visitor chair (898.353.18), 1 Fillsta table lamp (501.550.18)

Description: If you have a small bedroom, using the same piece of furniture as a desk and a nightstand makes perfect sense. I repurposed an old white Expedit 2×2 by taking out everything except the top and two sides. If you’re building this from scratch, you’ll just need those three parts (don’t worry, it’s perfectly sturdy). I think it’d look great in any Expedit color, or you could paint it yourself.

I squeezed this into a tiny space by my bed with a Fillsta lamp and a Jules chair. Start to finish, the desk shouldn’t take you more than 3 minutes to assemble, and it’s a tenth of the price of mini desks from fancy furniture stores.