FROSTA “bird design” handbag holder


Materials: 3 legs of FROSTA, a piece of felt, a lot of pegs, a round plate of wood

Description: My family are 3 girls and me, so we have a lot of handbags that have to be placed somewhere…

…the kitchen, wardrobe, and so I said STOP there has to be a change….

I bought a FROSTA, use two of the legs for the “wings” of my handbag bird and a third for the body.

The wings get holes that are filled up with pegs (as holder), for the wings and for the claws. The “body” is cut and drilled for wall mount. I put the 3 parts together with pegs (and glue) the beak is done by orange felt and the round body by a plate of wood.

FROSTAi_Hack_005 FROSTAi_Hack_004 FROSTAi_Hack_001