Gyllen Arcade Lamp


Materials: Gyllen 56 wall light, Sparsam E12 bulbs, used arcade marquee, replacement bolts and nuts, drill with HSS bit.


I recently came across a guy  at a Toy Con who was selling the plastic marquees he’d salvaged from old arcade game cabinets. They were selling for between $5 and $15 I think. I bought a few and got a discount.

I was looking for a way to display them lit up and found the Gyllen wall panel for $20 at IKEA.

So I bought two for experimentation and came up with an easy modification which accommodates either of the two of my marquee signs which have an 8″ height.

I simply marked the center height on the left and right sides where the brackets would be attached and drilled a hole with a titanium drill bit (starting with a 1/16 and working up to  9/64).

I then bolted the top bracket to the bottom bracket and then bolted both to the light through the hole I drilled.

gyllen bracket

It fit tightly enough that a nut wasn’t needed on the backside but I put one on anyway.

gyllen mod nut

I decided not to install the side brackets so that I could better center the marquee.

Here’s the two that fit, ready for the man cave:


I’m working on fitting a marquee with a 7 3/4 ” height which will require all four brackets to be remounted in four new holes. That seems to be the minimum size that will completely cover the light fixture.

Thanks for your time.