Bedside wall light and spot reading lamp in one

So the pair of bedside lamps throw out fantastic mood light. But what happens when you want to read in bed? Light from wall lamps are often diffused and not directed onto a page. Now, what if we can combine a pretty wall lamp and a spot reading lamp in one? That’s just what Peter did. Merging the best of the ALANG wall light with the Jansjö LED spot light.


IKEA items used: Jansjö LED + ALÄNG wall light

I saw this kind of light in a hotel room once and really wanted one.

The ones selling online and in stores were really pricey, so I went down to IKEA and found the parts I needed.

I drilled and threaded a hole into the base of the wall lamp.


Drilled another hole for a small switch for the spot/reading lamp.

Result is exactly what I wanted, and works brilliant for both a cosy bedroom light, and a discrete reading lamp.

No electrical modifications were done to the high voltage parts (!)

Only the low voltage spot light electrical was modified.

~ by Peter Huggare, Norway

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Jules Yap