Hemnes Dog Gate

IMG_8469sm IMG_8467sm

If you fail at teaching your dogs good door manners, at least know how to built a good gate! I got a hold of the headboard and footboard pieces from a Hemnes daybed from the “as is” section of Ikea. I put them to great use with this dog gate. The span of my entryway is 7.5′ so any decent store bought gate that would fit the space cost a small fortune.

hinges 2x4post decorativebrackets

Two 4×4 posts are screwed into the floor with L-brackets at the bottom and a single L-bracket screwed into the wall at the top. The 2×4 post in the center is also screwed into the floor. It’s sturdy and beautiful. The the best part is, no more squeezing my body half way out the door, balancing on one foot and using the other foot to keep the dogs back while trying to pay the pizza guy! Woot!