Ikea Kitchen Island as a Mobile Workshop Bench


Materials: Ikea Kitchen Island, 2×4 Pine Boards, 4 Casters

Description: This is a simple hack with lofty aspirations. It simply involves adding casters and a wide wheel base to the bottom of an existing ikea kitchen island to use as a mobile workbench. I designed and built a larger workbench (the lofty part) such that the mobile ikea island can fit within it when not in use. Instructions are simple:


1. Measure and cut a 2×4 board to desired length, minimum of 24″ for caster clearance.
2. Cut two grooves on each board, the exact shape (1.75″ by 1.75″) and location of the ikea legs, such that the board can slide onto the bottom shelf while embracing the legs.
3. Drill a hole and screw one 3″ screw onto each leg to secure the boards.
4. Attach 2″ casters to the each end of the board (4 total). Make sure at least two casters have locking mechanisms to prevent free roaming.
5. Attach auxiliary equipment to the ikea table such as an extension outlet, hooks for hanging towels, vice grips, etc.
6. And done!

See more of the workbench.

~ Daniel Koenigkann, Orlando, FL