Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade Hack


Problem: Extend and add to current non-Ikea kitchen cabinets on a budget.
Solution: Ikea AKURUM modifications

20131211_095436 20131211_095426

Finding that the AKURUM line of products was almost exactly the correct depth to match my current cabinet box while still adding oak face trim, it seemed a real no-brainer. To match the width of my current 2.25″ oak face trim, I simple added a 3/4″ outer oak veneer panel with 3/4″ pine board spacer between. To match my existing kickplate, I built a quick shadowbox to both lift the hack into the proper position and provide the proper kickplate surface. Fine tuning was done by wood shims and cardboard spacers.

I also added a similar pantry mod for the 24″x 80″ AKURUM and one a connected 12″ AKURUM base.