Two-tier Pragel Workstation

Two-tier Pragel Workstation
Two-tier Pragel Workstation

I was disappointed by the way many of Ikea’s computer desks felt to me; just too flimsy.

So here’s my new two-tier Pragel workstation.

Two-tier Pragel Workstation


2x Pragel 186cm worktop
5x Adils leg
4x Capita bracket
1x Dioder multicolor LED

I cut one Pragel worktop lengthwise about 20cm from the back. This piece became the backboard for mounting power strips. I plan on attaching a small basket or rail behind the backboard for loose cables to dangle into.

The backboard is attached to the rear of the main desktop using screws designed for pressboard. I went with a screw every 30cm or so.

I positioned four of the legs near the corners of the main desktop and the fifth leg centered and near the back to prevent any future bowing of the desk.

The back depth of the upper tier is set about 8cm further back than the rear of the main desktop which provides space behind the backboard for cables to run.

I used four Capita brackets because I wanted two power strips on the backboard and didn’t want the brackets to be in the way.

The Dioder light bars go on the underside of the upper tier.