Lack and Vika Amon Sideboard

Materials: 4 LACK side tables, 1 VIKA AMON table top

Description: The LACK side tables were assembled first and 2 of them were attached using L flat brackets to form one row. Next, they were attached to the VIKA AMON table top using eight 2.5″ screws with washers.

They were placed upside down to use my weight to clamp them down firmly.

Once the VIKA AMON table top were attached, it was time to attach the lower row. I used flat metal brackets from GORM to fix them together. One is used on each leg at the back side. 2 pieces were also used to further strengthen the hold between the VIKA AMON top and the tables.

Since I plan to have plaster or gypsum boards covering the sides and back of the sideboard, I used L brackets to attach the top and bottom row, facing inwards. In the picture they look brass, maybe they are.

This is my first wood project since I was in high school so I’m proud of it even if it’s very simple.

See more of the Lack and Vika sideboard.

~ Ady Romantika, Malaysia