Bunny Cage with Faktum cabinets

Hi there!

I’m from the Netherlands and this is my IKEA hack for making a bunny cage. This hack is based on only IKEA stuff. You can also use material that you may have at home. The products I already had: the desk, two shelfs, the hinge, the grade and the carpet.


You Need:

a. FAKTUM Base cabinet for hob, white,
Article Number: 702.098.50, size: 60×70, price: € 30,-

b. FAKTUM Base cabinet frame, white,
Article Number: 241.787.10, size: 40×70, price: € 16,-

c. HÄRLIG Door, white,
Article Number: 701.295.18, size: 40×70, price: € 6,-

d. INTEGRAL Hinge,
Article Number: 701.323.75, price: € 5,-

e. LINNMON/ ADILS table, white,
Article Number: 299.321.81, price: € 17,95 (only the tabletop)

f. PAX Shelf, white,
Article Number: 302.151.22, size: 50×58, price: € 12,-
(one piece you have to saw for the other cabinet number. b)

g. Choose some grate you want to use.

h. Choose a bottom for your cage. My bunny likes carpet but maybe your bunny likes to eat it…

To do:

1. Saw a square in the two shelves which are placed against each other. Think about the height of the square when you want a shelf for storage in the right cabinet (see the pictures below). When you saw the square, think about leaving some wood below. Otherwise you see the ground between your cabinets (see the third picture).

foto 255778



2. Use the IKEA manual and put the cabinets together.

3. Lay down the table at the cabinets.

4. Finish your cage with your chosen grate and bottom.

Have fun with it!