Custom Austmarka without the sags

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Materials: Linnmon, Moppe and Austmarka (or the previous version)

Description: Whatever Austmarka was called before – it suffered one huge flaw: The top sagged.  A lot.  I’m sure you keep things on your wardrobe, like big suitcases, we do.  But any weight at all and our ones sagged, and then started to lean over.  Nothing you could do with the adjustment would make the doors look straight.

I needed something to fit this corner, that was 50cm deep and very few things in Ikea are (most are 36/40 or 60.) Austmarka being one of the exceptions which we had an old version of. So I used our old wardrobe, cut the top, bottom, shelf, and hanger down (Basically in half), redrilled the dowel holes (need to be precise, this was the hardest thing to do), screwed it back together and now have half a single door version.  It’s now, much much stiffer both laterally and at the top.  Generally feels much more solid.

The table was then a Linnmon 150×75 cut down to 135×50.  This was only possible due to the nice wide solid rail at the side, as most of the table top is horrible cardboard interior sandwich (which makes it pleasantly cheap), but there is a good 15cm or so of solid at each end, so by cutting both sides rather than once further in it holds together well.  These offcuts then formed the battens to hold it up.

Inside a Moppe fits really nicely at the top.  *Chuffed* and somewhere new to write my blog posts from.

Stephen Broadhurst

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