DIY: Wood house with Kura beds

We have Kura´s bed, and we want transform it in a beautiful house for sleep and to dream for two kids… This is our creation…



Before 2






We need:
• Wooden slats
• Pine Cut to size.
• Pine wood cut at 45 ° for beautify the window and door.
• Slats Wood
• Long wood screws with conical head.
• Cordless drill
• Tape close Double-sided.
• Clear matt varnish.

Step by step

Step by step

Step by step

Step by step

1 – Start by creating a rectangular structure with the same shape of the bed with wooden slats.

2 – It was placed on top and screwed on to the bed.

3 – We started to cover the entire front of the structure that we have created with the bed slats previously been cut as per the drawing. Every 2 or 3 strips will be screwed on to the bed frame or the structure of the upper area we have created.

4 – Put the double sided tape in place and then put decorative moldings.

5 – Sand the surface and corners.

6 – Apply a clear or matte paint with the desired color varnish. In this case we have left natural to give it a Nordic air.


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