Gorm, sweet Gorm for feral cats


About ten years ago, four little kittens were born to a feral cat across the street from our house. A neighbor had the four kittens neutered and made sure they were given their shots. Over time different neighbors pitched in with feeding duties.

This year we lost the mom-cat and a generous patron stepped up to make sure the four now-grown cats had a warm and safe habitat for the winter. The result is this GORM-built loft apartments with a dining hall and dormitory. Our patron brought in a carpenter to add a roof to the GORM shelves and sliding doors on the exterior wall. The openings on two sides accommodate the cats’ need for a quick escape route.

We’re thrilled to share this project on Ikeahackers and encourage other maintaining cat colonies to consider the design.

View the details in Ponga. Use a desktop browser to read more about interior lighting and bedding made of a recycled KARLSTAD slipcover.