Ikea Burken “Bunny” Jar

DIY Bunny Jar9 ikea-758340 DIY Bunny Jar10 ikea-759864

Materials: Ikea Burken Jar

Description: Here is a very easy hack that you can do in a few hours counting drying time of the paint of course!!!

For my little nieces bedroom I wanted to create original jars so they can put all their little treasures inside. So I simply used the Ikea Burken jars and a resin rabbit and voila!

DIY Bunny Jar ikea-761067

You have all the details of this cute hack on my blog just here!

This hack is perfect if you want to make it with children because it’s really easy and they can paint their little animal using the color of their choice 🙂

~ Nadia, Paris, France