Kroby-Melody Merge




When i was washing the Kroby lamp’s hood, I scratched the painting, so I changed it with the Melody’s hood.

1. Disassemble the Kroby lamp:

  • Take the bulb down
  • Remove the plastic nut who sustain the hood
  • Unlock the wires from the top connector
  • Loosen the plastic screw at the end of the chain
  • Unscrew the bulb holder (some pieces of plastic will jump away)
  • Remove the cable (pay attention: don’t lose the transparent plastic protector and the protective thermal sock)

2. Assemble the Melody’s bulb holder in his hood

3. Insert the protective thermal sock in the Melody’s cable

4. Insert the Melody’s cable into the Kroby’s chain (remember to insert the plastic cable protector in the cable after the Kroby’s bulb holder)

You’ll get something like this


5. Pull the cable until the Kroby’s bulb holder touches the Melody’s hood


6. Maintain their position, blocking the cable with the plastic screw (remember to protect the cable with the plastic protector and the sock as shown)


7. Pull the chain and connect the cable into the connector, roll up the exceeding cable


NOTE: I had to remove 2 more rings  in the chain comparet to the previous length, because of the different height of the hood

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