Cheap, easy, rental friendly hanging shower caddy

hanging shower caddy

So this is my second hack (first one linked here) — a hanging shower caddy. Again, same apartment in New York and no storage in the bathroom whatsoever, except for a medicine cabinet behind the mirror that barely fit anything.

As there wasn’t adequate storage in my bathroom for shampoo bottles this worked perfectly and it looked good. The one bucket close to the shower, we were able to reach from the shower which was great. 

It is a great storage solution if you live, like me, in university housing or in a rental where you are not allowed to drill holes into the wall. 

Furthermore, all items can be used in the bathroom, as they are made for outside or made to resist water. 

IKEA items used:

Optional Ikea items used:-
Non-IKEA items used:

Total costs including plant and command hooks, like in pictures: $15

Hanging shower caddy step by step instructions

1. Buy as many SOCKER plant pots as you wish to use.

2. Drill a hole near the top rim of the SOCKER plant pot that is big enough to fit the hook on your Command hooks. Make sure to drill the hole near the vertical seam as this side will be facing the wall. 

3. Figure out where you want to place the plant pots on your wall and mark with a pencil where you need to place the Command hooks.

4. Stick the Command hooks on the wall and place the plant pots on the hooks.

hanging shower caddy IKEA SOCKER

5. Optional: Place the fake plant in a pot that is hard to reach, just for decoration purposes. 

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Other useful info:

I used Command hooks that could carry up to 9lb and they never came down. Furthermore, I never had any issues with these products being in a wet and moist area. 

I personally used an awl to make the holes in the plant pots, but this took quite long. I would definitely recommend borrowing a drill from someone if you don’t have one.  

~ by Stéphanie Gerritsen

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