Lines of Floating Moments


Ikea scrap wood planks (black/brown) – (2) 2.5×53 & (1) 5.5×37, (19) white ball pins, (19) 4×6 photos (mix of color and b&w), & (2) 3lb sticky backs for each plank

After over two years of marriage I finally decided it was “definitely” time to display some wedding pictures. I am not the kind of person who rushes into things and I had been sitting on this project for about a year.

I had (3) inspiration points for designing the Lines of Floating Moments Installation:
(1) exhibit I saw at the Walker Art Museum
(2) clean line work broken up
(3) odd numbers – 3 lines with 19 pictures

Of note – I also practice sustainability in my profession & am a big fan of IKEA’s scrap wood section. In fact I have built a TV, computer, and bed stand from scrap planks & pieces.

1. visit IKEA several times over the course of a year to select the most appropriate planks of wood for project yet to materialize in brain. Stick wood in garage & sit on until idea comes to mind.


2. all planks were used as dimensioned (no cutting). The only change was painting unfinished ends of middle plank. Top & bottom planks are equal while middle is completely different in size. Top & bottom also have radiused edges. These variants make for a more interesting piece.

3. to achieve photo floating effect the hanging devices needed to “disappear” while photos projected out from planks. I edited each photo adding a 1/4” white border along top edge & a 1/8” white border along other three edges. Each photo was pinned along top border & pulled out from the plank (approx. 1”) adjacent to ball end. The ball pin disappears within the white border & thus photos appear to be floating along dark wood planks.
note 1 – pins cast tiny shadow that is barely noticeable
note 2 – white border also gives more clean / professional look to photos – IMO

03_night 04_detail_sml 05_detail_sml

4. photos were pinned at differing heights & spacing to break up monotony & add rhythm. Also, using a mix of portrait / landscape photos reinforced this concept.

5. using a level – layout & pencil the plank locations (this can be done at any point). Place a sticky back at each end of plank and press & hold against wall where marked.

6. allow wife to praise your creative hard work

7. take photo & post to social media for peer approval

Note – I suggest pinning photos before “hanging” planks and adjusting after. A push pin was used to created a starter hole for ball pins.
Optional – mixing a handful of 5×7 photos (odd #), playing with projection distance of photos