Litter-box double-hideaway


Finally I found a suitable piece of furniture to accommodate two litter-boxes. I found many clever ideas on how to conceal one box, but I didn’t want to have 2 pieces of furniture, should they be stylish as hell. Since we have 3 cats in the house and two of them are a bit more… spacious, the Catit Hooded Cat Pans were the best choice, I’ve never regretted buying them. Anyway, I got a bit lazy racking my brain with the furniture and actually almost put up with a fact that the litter-boxes would remain a colorful part of our corridor for ever. But then we adopted a puppy and he is one of those little monsters who enjoy eating cat poop. The Catit boxes were a self-service buffet for him. Time to rack the brain again! And I did! And I found it! It’s always been there! The PAX wardrobe with 1 door!

Everything was easy-peasy:


1) Get the PAX Wardrobe 50 × 60 × 201 cm (we bought Ballstad white; note: most colors are available only in 236cm lenght but maybe you have space for it)

2) Let a skillful friend/carpenter/husband/yourself cut the entrance holes in one of the side parts. If you want something more then a circle or a square, like, say, a cat head, make a template and, in any case, make sure all of your cats get through it without any obstructions. On the other hand, if you have a larger dog, make sure s/he, under any circumstances, does not get through.

3) Assemble the wardrobe, throw away the fibreboard back (not really, you can use it for something else maybe),  lay the wardrobe on its (non-existing) back.

4) Install the hinges and set the door. It will work as a lid. The hinges should be on the opposite wall than the milled entrance holes.

5) Insert the litter-boxes back to back, apply the mats or grids to catch some fractional amount of litter from your cats’ feet and close the lid.

6) Call the cats and see if they understand the business.


7) Call the dog and make sure he does not get to the litter-boxes’ content even though he squeezes his head through the hole.

8) Lift the lid and clean the boxes. It should be easy and not causing you a back-pain. Also, you should notice a dog muzzle is missing on the litter-scoop.

9) Be happy and enjoy your good work. You can store the scoop and the plastic bags or whatever inside, too.

Costs: 55 EUR (Pax), 3 EUR (a neighbourhood carpenter with a milling machine)

NOTE: Should you be concerned about a possible accumulation of bad smell in the wardrobe, be not – unless your cats’ poop is really a biological weapon. Anyway, milling/drilling some more aesthetical holes in the lid or the walls should solve the trouble.

NOTE2: I added some larger self-adhesive rubber bumper pads for “silent” closing and easier lifting – it allows some space for your fingers. In the pictures, you can see they are black – I didn’t have white or clear pads at hand but definitely intend to get them.