Romantic lamps

2014-01-13 13.17.06

After walking through Ikea in Copenhagen and Stockholm with my mother and still not finding the lamps for her I was kind of desperate…

So I came up with these, made out of flowerpots.

3 small Skurar

1 big Skurar

1 Hemma fixture

3 E14 Ledare bulbs

1 E27 Ledare bulb

The smaller fixtures I had to get from the hardware store.

Then I just had the hubby drill the correct size holes in the middle of each bottom, then flip it up side down and screw the fixtures in place sandwiching the flowerpot in between. I looks better this way i think then just threading the cord through and have it dangling.

The three smaller ones are joined in a little electrical box and the bigger one just hangs with the things supplied in the package.

My mum loves the lamps and the fit perfectly in her home. They cast a nice pattern on the walls to.

IMG_7595 IMG_7604 IMG_7608