Spice drawer under cooktop

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I needed some additional storage space for our spices, preferably where they were readily at hand too and I was a bit annoyed about the unused space under our cooktop, which is mounted on non-Ikea (HTH) kitchen modules.
However, I found that Ikea had exactly the drawer I needed in the Förvara series.

Initially I actually expected that I would only use the rails from the Förvara drawer, but it turned out that the drawer itself almost exactly fitted the width of the module.

I only needed to add a single spacer behind is rail to make it fit the slightly narrower drawer
Before starting I checked the specs for the cooktop, to ensure that my specific cooktop did not have requirements to the free space beneath the cooktop, which would be compromised by the new drawer.

Steps taken
1) Purchase the Förvara 60cm*37cm drawer (I had to leave room for electrical installation at the back). This cost as little as €16
2) Gently remove the frontplate. It was only mounted by a snap-fit
3) Assemble the drawer and remount the frontplate. This took some careful hacks on the sides of the Förvara sides, to bring the frontplate to the proper height and alignment with the existing drawers. Trial and error with a little Dremel cutter
4) Mount the rails to the kitchen module. Much to my surprise even the mounting holes matched, so the only hack needed was to add a washer under each screw, to bring the rails a couple of milimeters out from the module sides.
5) The drawer fitted perfectly and was fairly easy to adjust vertically, thanks to the cut-outs made with the Dremel in 3)
6) It turned out that the height of my spice jars was a little more that I liked. They didn’t actually hit the cooktop, but I was not comfortable with it. So I removed the standard bottom of the Förvara drawer and replaced it by a piece of the back of a redundant and cannibalised Billy bookshelf

Disclaimer. Pls. make sure that the hack does not compromise any safety requirements/regulations for your cooktop. Pls. make sure that the cooktop is insulated so that it will not make the drawer too warm

Jules Yap