Another Besta cat litter under the stairs



  • besta shelf unit 60x40x38 cm
  • besta shelf unit 60x40x64 cm
  • 2 doors
  • 1 sheet of coroplast or polionda

Description: I was inspired by other posts about cat litters so I decided to hack one for my living room.

These are two besta cabinets, both 60cm width and 40 cm deep; but one is 40cm high and the other one is 60cm so I could put it under the stairs.
I just cut three holes in the sides of the cabinets as shown below.


entry view:


Inside I put a little carpet in the first cabinet to keep the sand inside and avoid it to go everywhere.

In the second “room” I built the litter box with a coroplast  sheet. I made it the same dimensions as the interior of cabinet.


Below the scheme to cut and fold the coroplast sheet

After you cut and fold it, just use a stapler o a strong glue to keep together.


I put inside an automatic light so, when they come in, the light turns on.

They love their litter very much and sometimes they even sleep in the first cabinet!