ÄPPLARÖ Wall panel/Coat rack and Backpack rack

Wall Panel & Coat Rack by Alex


We took the ÄPPLARÖ Wall panel (outdoor shelving unit and organizer) and sawed off the legs which are meant to keep stabilize the panel with an optional outdoor stool. We then drilled 4 new holes in the second piece (ÄPPLARÖ Wall panel comes in two pieces fitted together with wood dowels) and mounted the whole lot to out indoor wall.

The wall panel comes with 6 sliding galvanized hooks and we bought a packet of the GRUNDTAL Hook for door (in 2cm suitable for hanging stuff on thin cabinet/drawer doors) for additional hooking power.

Back pack rack by Shawn


We used the Applaro wall panel as an indoor rack for backpacks and bags. We didn’t use the legs, and attaching them to the wall lower than the legs would have allowed enabled us to lower one of the panels to allow the floor to hold up the heavier backpacks.

Jules Yap