Candy Bar Billy


We were looking for a simple way to create a candy bar to reminisce cinema indulgence in your own home lounge/media room. The only non ikea items are a pegboard and straight hooks that can be picked up from a hardware store. The rest is very straightforward.

1. Assemble Billy without backboard
2. Cut Pegboard to same size as Billy Backboard.
3. Wrap Pegboad with desired fabric pattern or coloured contact paper
4. Nail/Screw Pegboard (with fabric) to back of Billy
5. Screw Blankett handles to front edge of two Billy shelves
6. Place shelves into Billy but with the front knobs 2 notches lower to give you slanted shelf

Note: We replaced the top with a wooden rod. Then wrapped the fabric around the rod. We found this let light in at the top for better display of candy. Finally finished it off with handles on each side for manoeuvrability. Both of these additions were just made for our personal taste.