Chopped up Tjusig Welly Rack

Welly rack

Materials: Tjusig Shoe Rack

This was a fairly simple hack once I’d found the right product to hack for the idea I had in mind. I was tired of wellies and crocs hanging around outside my doorways, and couldn’t find a ready-made Wellington rack that matched the style of the house so I hacked away!


2 (2)

3 (2)

One TJUSIG shoe rack makes two welly racks. I made 2 identical welly racks but this doesn’t need to be the case. As shown in the photos I cut the metal bars/poles of the original shoe rack. There are 10 bars in total and I cut each one a third of the way along which resulted in 10 medium length poles and 10 small poles. I used five of each pole for each welly rack. I assembled the original side pieces as per the instructions – which then became my rack bases.


These racks can be made without using anything extra than what comes in the box but I chose to add some little white plastic nail-in feet (like the sort you can put under furniture legs to stop them scratching your floor) to try to keep the wood clean, dry and off the ground. I have these welly racks outside my front door and kitchen door but they are under a porchway so protected quite a bit from the weather.

I recommend if you plan to use these outside, not under shelter, then you add a coat of varnish/clear paint to make them last longer. In fact they would work better not under a shelter because the rain could wash the muddy boots 🙂

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