14 genius IKEA Shoe Storage hacks to fit your unique style

ikea shoe cabinet hacks

Shoe cabinets and racks are not the only ways to store your shoes. These 14 genius hacks using IKEA items will elevate your shoe cabinet storage game.

As much as we love to have a variety of shoes to choose from, storing all of them can be a big challenge — especially if yours aren’t the only feet in the home.

You want shoe storage that’s easy to access and a breeze to clean. But you also want it to look nice and blend seamlessly with your aesthetic.

Fortunately, our favourite Swedish furniture store has plenty to offer in the way of IKEA hacks that’ll maximise your shoe storage stylishly and effectively, using regular IKEA shoe cabinets and more.

Check out our favorite IKEA shoe cabinet hacks below

1. Shoe storage from IKEA kitchen cabinet

IKEA SEKTION kitchen cabinet used for shoe storage

A tall shoe cabinet hack that will fit a small entryway. Amy made this gorgeous tall shoe cabinet from the SEKTION high cabinet with 2 doors. She added 2 ASKERSUND cover panels to cover the sides as this is a freestanding unit. The gold drawer pulls have got to be the winning touch.

2. IKEA BILLY bookcase shoe cabinet hack

IKEA BILLY bookcase hack for shoe storage

The BILLY bookcase works wonderfully for shoes. Magcargo used 3 BILLY bookshelves to fill the closet in her hallway. One 15 3/4″ wide BILLY shelf fits 2 pairs of shoes. For a personal touch, she added wallpaper to the backs of the bookcase and molding between two bookshelves to hide the joining line. She placed the front of the shelves lower and added a strip of molding to stop the shoes from sliding out.

3. Shoe shelf for big shoe collection

Large shoe rack for lots of shoes

A shoe storage system that is capacious, easy to assemble and move (renters!) and looks good. Hannah ended up using the FJÄLKINGE Shelf Unit with additional shelves purchased from Craigslist. From the regular six shelves, they ended up with a large shoe rack with 10 shelves. Enough to store all their shoes, heels, boots and more.

4. LACK shelves shoe display hack

Love your trainers? Put them on display. Line up the LACK shelving units against the wall. Use as many as your space and shoe collection calls for. Fasten them to studs, fill them up and wow everyone.

5. PAX shoe storage hack for the entryway

IKEA PAX cabinet for shoe storage

Keep all your shoes, outdoor jackets and coats in one place with this large hallway closet that looks like a built-in. But it isn’t. And because it isn’t, it is a whole lot easier to hack. If you have lots of shoes and don’t want them all on display, this hack is the answer.

6. Tjusig shoe rack

Tjusig Welly Rack

This DIY is perfect for shoes like wellies, snow boots, and other kicks that have a tendency to track a ton of dirt through the house. It’s a breeze to execute and will provide an ultra-tidy place for your shoes to air out and dry off. See more of the Tjusig Welly Rack.

7. IKEA Wall Mounted Shoe Organizer

wall mounted kitchen rail shoe organizer

This wall mounted shoe organizer system shows how to keep shoes on the wall and off the floor. Bonus! It’ll save you tons of floor space.

Besides, lining them up on the wall makes it so easy to pick the right pair to go with your outfit. Rails for heels and boxes for flats.

8. IKEA HEMNES Shoe Cabinet Hack

Twinned IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet hack

The HEMNES is one of the most popular IKEA shoe cabinets. If you love one, you’ll love two or more, especially if you have a long narrow hallway which is just perfect for the HEMNES’ slim profile. Store twice as much with this IKEA HEMNES double shoe cabinet hack to make the most of your space.

9. IKEA HEMNES twinned shoe cabinets

Twinned IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet hack with dowel fronts

The IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet has a small footprint and functional storage. But looked a little basic. This nifty hacker used half-moon wooden dowels to make it more interesting and turn it into a feature piece in her home. She also changed out the knobs for discrete drawer pulls.

10. Shoe Cubby with KALLAX

KALLAX and VARIERA shoe display

If you love to look at your shoes even more than you like to wear them, then this shoe display cubby is the hack for you. It’ll store your sneakers (or other types of shoes) while displaying them beautifully, making it perfect for the stylish shoe enthusiast. All you need is a bunch of VARIERA shelf inserts and the KALLAX shelving unit (or old EXPEDIT). Lighting is optional but does add to the look.

11. Hack a TV Stand into a Shoe Storage Bench

IKEA BESTA shoe bench

This idea is as stylish as it is effective. And it will work with your space if you play around with the different IKEA BESTÅ combinations. Stef took the BESTÅ TV bench and put feet on them. She used the BESTÅ doors and the invisible push door openers so there were no annoying handles outside. On top, she added a wooden board painted in ebony with a few non-slip gripper pads underneath so the board doesn’t slip when you sit on it. Last touch was to decorate with some pillows and store the shoes inside.

12. Double sided IKEA shoe cabinet hack

Double sided IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinet hack

Florent took 2 IKEA HEMNES shoe cabinets. Cut the feet and placed them back to back. Then, removed the top and replaced the top with a piece of wood. She covered the sides with a piece of wood as well for a seamless look. The double shoe rack forms a console / divider between the front door and living room.

13. BILLY Bedside Table and Shoe Storage

bedside shoe rack

Not only will this idea maximise the shoe storage you’re working with, but it’ll provide you with extra surface area, too. Add it to your bedside for a perfect 2-in-1 shoe storage solution.

14. Rationell Variera Vertical Shoe Holder

Wall mounted vertical shoe rack

This organizer will display your favorite shoes so perfectly that no one will guess it was made for potholders. Plus, there’s no hammering, gluing, or sanding involved.

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