FRAKTA recycled bag for juggling balls

IKEA Juggling Ball Hack

IKEA Juggling Ball Hack 2

My aunt had lend me her FRAKTA bag for transporting some heavy stuff and the handles tore. So, next time I went to IKEA, I got her a new one. Buuuut, I didn’t want to dump the old one. Luckily, I just got some new juggling balls and needed a bag to transport them in. Luckily (II), I just got a sewing machine for Christmas (not the one from IKEA, though).

So, I set upon unravelling the seems of the bag and detached the handles. Fortunately, one of the long ones was still intact and I kept it.

I only used the bottom part of the bag and a small part of the body of the bag, which I had cut in an almost square form so it would be the bottom of the new bag. I attached the bottom to the new body with the blue SY sewing yarn, made a tunnel for the the loop at the top and sewed the long seam of the new body together, carefully avoiding to sew to the top, so I wouldn’t close the tunnel.

Then I turned it inside out. With the help of a clasp pin, I pulled the loop into the tunnel and afterwards sewed the ends together. Voilà!

Time will tell whether the seams will endure. And it gave me an idea to make a bag for my slackline…

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