IKEA Ultralight Backpacking pack

DIY IKEA Ultralight Backpacking pack

Mitch was looking for ways to get his backpack weight down and stumbled upon a Reddit post of a guy who made his own pack.

An hour later, he comes out of IKEA with a few FRAKTA blue bags for $6.

This was the plan:

Plan for backpack

It was going to be 15″ wide and 7″ deep, with an inch added to both dimensions for the stitches.

The front, back and bottom are all from one piece, giving a smoother seamless looks once finished.

First step was the padding for the shoulder straps and waist belt. They were salvaged from an old 5mm SeaWorld wetsuit, wrapped in fabric.

Making the straps

Second step is to sew on all of the components such as the webbing, straps, and waistbelt to the IKEA bag.

Putting it all together

The front and back are all one piece, but the sides are sewn onto the bottom.

The top is a rolltop clip system, which keeps the bag waterproof.

Rolltop clip system

The bag must to be made from the inside out. This rounds off the flat stitches once you turn it rightside out. Lastly, after all the sewing, turn the bag rightside out and take it out for a test hike.

Inside of backpack

DIY IKEA Ultralight Backpacking pack from IKEA FRAKTA blue bag

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~ by Mitch