Greek Key Golden Vittsjo


Materials: VITTSJO shelves, METRIK kitchen handles

1. Brave ‘All You Can Eat Comes Off Your Total Bill Day’ at Ikea
2. Purchase 1-39 3/8″ wide and 2- 20 1/8″ wide Vittsjo shelves
3. Purchase 24 2-pck Metrik kitchen handle packs (total of 48 handles needed)
4. Purchase Dioder 4-pck of lights
5. Purchase 10-15 cans of Rust-Oleum Gold spray paint (metallic series is my favorite)
6. Spray paint all metal surfaces of the Vittsjo shelves including screws, brackets, etc.
7. Spray paint the black top and bottom shelves (optional)
8. Spray paint silver rims of Dioder lights (light portion pops out easily so no need to tape)
9. Spray paint each Metrik handle
10. Assemble shelves
11. Drill holes in the middle of each top shelf (2 evenly spaced holes in the wider shelf) so that you can feed the Dioder cords through the top and down the back of the shelves so they are hidden
12. Feed cords through newly drilled holes and mount each Dioder light.
13. Superglue each Metrik handle to the outer corners of each shelf in a Greek Key like pattern


Optional: If you would like to fit a TV in the center of the middle shelf as I have, the middle shelf bar is easily sawed off with a hack saw.