Ikea SNIGLAR change table tricked-out to the max!

sniglar1 sniglar2 sniglar3

We needed a small change table for our small apartment. The Ikea SNIGLAR change table was the right size, but it didn’t have a good place to put wipes, creams, diapers, etc. So we assembled…

SNIGLAR beech wood change table w/ storage shelf
+ GULLUNGE mat to put on the table
+ 2 fitted Covers for the mat
+ BEKVAM beech wood spice rack… this makes a shelf to put the wipes, cream, etc. right at changing level, and matches table perfectly!
+ KUSINER wall pockets, hanging on the table… this makes a handy place to put diapers!

The Bekvam is mounted on two screws on the side of the table and looks like it was built in.

The Kusiner pocket is mounted on one of the table nuts + 2 hooks added to the side of the table.

Result, a super-handy small change table!