Siamese RAST Twins

Having been inspired by many other RAST hacks we proudly present our own!



– 2 RAST chest of drawer

– 3 BESTA push openers sets

– 2 pine wood boards (1225 x 300 x 18 mm)

– 1 pine wood beam (888 x 50 x 50 mm)

– 2 brackets (50 x 30 mm)

– 3 screws (90mm) to attach beam to wall

– 4 screws (50cm) to attach vertical boards to base board

– 4 screws (30mm) to attach top board to wall and base board to beam

– 4 screws (10mm) to attach brackets to top board


1. Fill drill holes of drawers with wood filler, sand down drawer fronts and boards
2. Saw off the top 20mm and bottom 92mm of three side panels (vertical boards)


3. Drill through the holes of one vertical board (it will be the one in the middle)

photo 2(2)

4. Shorten the knobs of three drawer runners by a few millimeters with a kitchen knife


5. Drill base board to the three vertical boards and attach the drawer runners

photo 4

6. Attach the top board with bolts

photo 1(1)

7. It turned out that the top and base board are not exactly 300mm wide, so we planed and sanded it to match the vertical boards

photo 2(1)

8. Drill 3 holes in wall and attach supporting beam


9. Place chest of drawers on the beam, attach it with short screws
10. Attach top board to wall


11. Attach BESTA push openers


12. Insert the drawers and admire your work


We plan to paint our RAST twins (to cover the filled knob holes), but we couldn’t decide on the colour yet… Any suggestions?