Elevated long bookcase


Materials: 1 x 5 Expedit x 2

We have a long wall that we wanted to turn into a mini library area. We’re really into the mid-century modern clean design aesthetic. We didn’t want to spend thousands on furniture and couldn’t find bookshelf with legs to save our lives. We also needed something with a fair amount of length to support all of our books and curios. So to IKEA we went!


We used the EXPEDIT 1×5 shelving unit since it gave us the length we needed. We bought two in the birch color with the intent to clad it in darker walnut to achieve a two toned modern look. We cut it apart and reassembled it by drilling new peg holes and lots of glue. We roughed all surfaces and used finishing nails, glue and bolts to attach the walnut. After much sanding, wood filling, staining and finishing later… we had a product that looked pretty nice!

There were a lot of hiccups along the way that included the orange paint we selected not adhering to the shelves, and we also chose the wrong size legs. Retrospectively the legs should have placed the legs further apart. :/

We ended up using green vinyl contact paper for the shelf interior which worked out fantastic. We really love color and our makeshift library is a bright one!

We created exactly what we wanted all for a reasonable price!