Top entrance litter box with Sortera

Just a modest but cheap hack…

I discovered the existence of top entrance litter boxes on this very website. They are quite hard to find and expensive to order here in France. And, well, there’s no way we could have been sure beforehand that our Ulysse would agree to use one of those because, you know…well, he’s a cat…and as such does only as he pleases ;o).

So we bought a Sortera box. We made a round-shaped hole in the lid, simply using a drill (don’t hesitate to make a lot of holes, with only a few millimetres between each), a small saw and sandpaper.Using double-sided tape, we added some carpet so that the cat would leave most of the litter on it while leaving, and not scatter on the floor what’s stuck under his paws (not having litter on the floor being the main interest of a top entrance litter box).

Here it is…and our cat has been using it for 2 weeks without complaining !

Top entrance litter box

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