White desk top piece transformed into my bathroom vanity top!


The desk top piece was $4.99 with the discount. I was using an old dresser for my bathroom vanity but the top was too small. The desk top was just right to add to the top, believe it or not. But I decoupage floors and counter tops professionally, so this was a great surface just waiting to be decoupaged. I used photocopies of images I love, things that make me happy, and also added bits of tissue paper to look like confetti streamers across the surface.

bathroom and kitchen finals 4320x3240-011

My plumber just about had a heart attack when I showed him what I wanted to use! I didn’t realize the piece is hollow but with a top mount sink that wasn’t too heavy, it worked just fine. Even my skeptical plumber was pleased with the results, and so was I! Thanks to IKEA, I got a great surface to use for my bathroom vanity.

~ Lisa