Craft / Sewing / Work Table Hack


Used 2 IKEA Expedit Shelves & 2 IKEA Linnmon Table Tops

Bought 2 Expedit Shelves, 6 sets of caster wheels, and 2 Linnmon table tops. After assembling the Expedit shelves and attaching the casters, I attached the two Linnmon table tops with “L” brackets to the tops of the shelves. This created a 59″ x 59″ x 38.75″ counter-height work table with openings for bar stools on both sides.

I now have lots of cubbies for storing and organizing supplies and equipment, and a large work surface for sewing and crafting.

I am thinking of adding another shelf under the table tops at the bottom to store large items underneath the table. I also plan to add two 45 1/4″ Ribba picture ledges to the sides as a trough for holding & storing scissors, rulers, pens, etc. Will submit photo updates when these are done.

The table can be rolled out when needed, and rolled back against a wall when not in use.

The whole project was extremely easy to put together and I was able to do it all by myself without any help from my husband, except for having him carry the heavy boxes to the basement with a hand truck! 🙂