12 unusual ways to use the IKEA picture ledge all round the house

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At the last IKEA sale, the IKEA picture ledge (RIBBA, back then) was marked down and I grabbed two of them, without knowing what I would do with them.

So I did a search on it and, lo and behold, found so many interested uses for it. Some that even I had forgotten.

Photo: IKEA.com

RIBBA picture ledge | IKEA.com

The advantage of the picture ledge is its width. It’s so slim it can practically fit anywhere, as you will see from these awesome hacks and unusual ideas. All pretty easy to DIY too.

Update! New IKEA picture ledge to replace the RIBBA

Unfortunately, the RIBBA has been discontinued. In its place is a new range of IKEA picture ledges.

The MOSSLANDA is most similar in material to the RIBBA. It also comes in 2 length options. The major difference is the groove along the bottom to keep smaller frames at the perfect angle.

There is also a bamboo version called MÅLERÅS, which also carries the special groove.

The MELLÖSA is a new entry, made from acrylic. So the frame literally disappears and you’re left with your display item. The MELLÖSA does not have a groove.

But no worries, you’ll still be able to use these ideas with the new IKEA picture ledges.

IKEA picture ledge in the entryway

LEGO RIBBA key holder

When you don’t have a spacious landing, a RIBBA picture ledge can work wonders. Use it to catch your mail and keys. Go one step further with a customized LEGO key holder. Click to see complete tutorial.

In the kitchen

Discreet wine rack
RIBBA picture ledge wine rack

It is wide enough for regular wine bottles and the lower lip stops the bottles rolling off. Carol mounted the ledges up on her kitchen alcove, making use of the space and keeping the bottles out of sight. Click to see it.

Spices and utensil rack
RIBBA spice rack and kitchen rail

Add a GRUNDTAL rail to the underside of the IKEA picture ledge and you’ve doubled its usefulness. Spice jars go on top, utensils under. Read more.

In the living room

Cat’s skywalk

Mount the IKEA picture ledges all around the room to give your cat a skyway to run on. And a cool place to perch and ignore humans. See the full post here.

To display your favourite things

Use the RIBBA (or others) to display your collections. See how it’s done.

Light up the wall
RIBBA picture ledge light

An IKEA picture ledge and LEDBERG LED lights make an unusual light fixture. Read more.

In the kid’s room

High bed bookshelf
High Sleeper book shelf

Mount a picture ledge — sideways — to the KURA bed’s side panel and you have a space to slot all your kid’s favourite bedtime books. See how it’s done here.

Toddler bookshelf
Toddler bookshelf

No KURA bed? No problem. Attach 2 picture ledges to a board and DIY your own mini bookshelf. Just the right height for tods. Click for complete tutorial.

In the home office

Raise your monitor
Monitor stand with RIBBA picture ledge legs

Prop up your monitor with this sleek monitor stand made from a shelf and sized down RIBBA ledges. Read more.

A tablet stand
RIBBA picture ledge tablet stand

Minimal, almost zen like tablet stand. See details here.

In the garage

Organize your tools
RIBBA Ledge tool rack

Build a cheap and easy wall-mounted tool rack. Take an IKEA Picture Ledge and put a lot of holes into it. Not the acrylic one, though. See it here.

Hold up your bike

No fancy pants bike rack here. Just two picture ledges, a nylon rope and a carabiner. See the full post here.

How have you used the IKEA picture ledge? Tell us in the comments.

12 unusual ways to use the RIBBA picture ledge all round the house