Expedit and Bosse: table/breakfast bar/workspace with storage


EXPEDIT – Desk combination
BOSSE – Bar stool
2 x 75 mm Castor
Some felts pads (sheets and round)

When my partner moved in with me, he asked me why there is no table in my living room. I answered that the room is too small to accommodate a table. I didn’t want to remove my Expedit storage and placing it elsewhere in the flat was not an option. I also didn’t want to flip the unit vertically as it blocked the light from the window.

In my previous apartment, I had the Expedit desk that was now in storage. I started testing solutions in which the desk top could serve as a table. All it required was additional support for the (too short) leg of the desk. I found just the thing in the local Homebase store – two Castors that fitted perfectly to the hight we required.

We’ve fixed the desk onto the bookshelf with a couple of brackets at the back and secured the bottom of the table and side of the bookshelf with a felt pads to make sure that the table remains in place. The wheels that we’ve fixed to the table leg have been blocked for moving with the security lock.

Once we arranged the table, we realised that we need custom-high chairs that will allow comfortable seating as well as fit underneath the table to save space around it. We found a used Bosse bar stools on eBay, cut their legs to fit the hight of the table, put felt pads on top of them and voila – our new table/storage combination was completed. It is perfect for working, eating and preparing meals and it fits perfectly into the space between the living room and the kitchen!


Photo: IKEA.com
Photo: IKEA.com