IKEA Hack: Gold & Marble Bar Cart

IKEA Bar Cart

IKEA Items Used: IKEA BYGEL Utility Cart

Put the BYGEL cart together WITHOUT the wheels or shelves
Prime and paint the cart. We did one coat of primer, waited 25 hours, then did one coat of paint, waited about 4 hours and touched it up (not a full coat)

Add the contact paper onto the top of all three white shelves. We found the best way was to flip the contact paper face down, place the shelf face down on the back side of the contact paper, and trace. Cut the traced portion out with scissors. Start on one end of the tray and peel back the paper, smoothing out the bubbles as you go. If you have any bubbles use a pin to “pop” and smooth them. Use and x-acto knife to clean up any rough edges.

Bar Cart Bottom

Now follow the instructions included with the bar cart and put it back together. You’ll basically have to take one side off, put the 2nd and 3rd shelves on (the top one just sits right on top), and put the side back on. Not going to lie, this was the hardest part. You’re going to need one person to hold one side, one person to hold the shelves in place, and another to put the other side on. We also used a drill to screw the second shelf into place. The wrench included doesn’t allow for the screws to go in all the way.

Now STYLE your bar cart!

Bar Cart Down

IKEA BYGEL bar cart

~ Britta & Carli Garsow of Twinspiration.co

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