From IKEA PS Locker Cabinet to upscale Mid-Century credenza


Materials: PS Media Storage Cabinet, BJÄRNUM folding hooks
1. Cut 3/4″ plywood to same dimensions is metal doors.
2. Drill shallow holes at top and bottom corners of one side each door using pivot hinge holes in metal doors as the template.
3. Cut steel rod that is the same diameter as pivot hinge L-rods used on metal doors with hacksaw. The length should be so that once the rod is inserted into the holes drilled in the wood, the ends stick out no more than 1/2″.

P1080934 P1080947

4. Insert bottom rod on each door into hole in cabinet frame. Pop cabinet top up to allow top rod to fit into place on cabinet.
5. Affix BJÄRNUM folding hooks into place. The hooks should be affixed upside down.


6. To use the old locks, use the metal door as a template for hole placement and drill a 3/4″ hole from the front halfway through the wood, and drill a 1″ or larger hole halfway through from the back.

For this project I used Baltic birch plywood finished with rub-on oil and wax.