Join a side table to an Expedit Bookcase


After placing all the furniture, I found a space between the Galant Desk & expedit bookcase. In my mind , it says you can do a simple side table first to fill up the space.

I went exploring to Ikea to see what i need to buy.

I went Ikea & brought the below items


1. Algot shelf
I choose this shelf as the surface is hardwearing, stain resistant and easy to keep clean
2.Two Betydllig Wall/ceiling bracket black
The bracket middle part have a long space so you can choose where to drill in the screw
3. VIKA KAJ leg
Cool leg as you can adjust the leg to the same height with the table & bookcase.
Total amount spend $23.80

After getting all , I went back to start doing my side table.

1. I start to screw the VIKA KAJ leg to one side of the Algot shelf
2. Then I took out the Allen key screw from the Expedit bookcase
3. Take a round file to file the Betydllig Wall/ceiling bracket so the screws you took out from the Expedit can fit in
4.  After done screw the brackets on the other side of the Algot shelf.
5. Lastly insert the Allen key screw together with the bracket back to the Expedit bookcase the adjust the VIKA KAJ leg to the same height with the bookcase.

Finally done! Overall View


Below is my before … thanks to Ikea