Expedit turns to nursery storage

Materials: Expedit

Description: We live in a tiny apartment with our 8-months baby, and need a lot of storage place. Therefore, we put a 5X5 Expedit in her room to fit all the stuff.

The downside was that it made her room look not like a nursery, but like a storage room.

We first thought of buying different IKEA designated storage units for the Expedit, but they are quite expensive, and it was way too pricey to buy enough of those to cover a big part of the Expedit.

Therefore, we thought of making small curtains for the shelves, that would cover all the stuff in them, and will also add some color to the nursery.

We went to the market to buy some colorful fabric, and with the help of my mother and her sewing machine, made the curtains. It took about half a day of sewing to make 20 curtains (we had 4 nice drawers in place already, and wanted to keep an open shelf for books).

As the Expedit shelves are pretty small, hanging the curtains was very easy. We just used as elastic band that we stringed through the curtains, and pinned it to the Expedit using a staple gun.

~ Ayelet Oz, Israel