Lack Table Ceiling Sculpture

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Materials: 16 Lack 55x55cm side tables, Lengths of 44x18mm timber for frame and offsets, lengths of chain.

Step 1: Build wooden frame. Ensure that each beam is positioned to run down the centre of the table tops.


Step 2: Glue wooden slats to under side of table tops. This will ensure down-offset table tops are in contact with the frame.


Step 3: Lay out table in formation. Glue adjacent table tops to one another. Wooden slats placed on the floor can be used to hold up the up-offset table tops.


Step 4: Glue the frame to the table tops and attach chains to frame. Two table tops are left out at this stage so that the light can be put through later.

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Step 5: Hoist entire structure to ceiling. The chains are run through holes drilled in the ceiling and attached to beams in the attic. The table tops that will be installed later are seen in the foreground. These will be held in place by wooden hinges which are added using the existing screwhole in the table tops.

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Step 6: Table tops previously left out are installed. Wiring for the light is run through some pvc piping inserted in a hole drilled along the edge of one of the table tops.