Awesome EXPEDIT Drinks Bar

Expedit bar


Description: Step 1: Two Expedit units, one 2×2 and one 2×4 in an L-shaped formation.

Step 2: In the 2×2 Unit put expedit drawers facing into the bartender area and two Expedit cabinets opening outwards to give the side of the bar a solid look.

Expedit bar
Expedit bar

Step 3: I had frosted glass cut to size (1450x745mm) and mounted it on the front with normal bathroom mirror mounts.

Step 4: Dioder LED multicolour lights in the top 4 cubes. Set in half way to give the glow effect.

Step 6: Cut pine table-top with 10cm overhang on outside area.

Step 7: Stain and Varnish pine with dark brown finish to match EXPEDIT shelves.

Step 8: Raise table top with 8x CAPITA legs, screwing them into the underside of the tabletop and simply putting doublesided tape under the legs to stop the (heavy) top from moving.

That’s about it. Really happy with the result, planning to do another coat of varnish as the finish was a bit off.

~ MarcusF, Perth, Western Australia