Multi-configuration Rotating Coffee Table

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Materials: 3 Ikea Lack side tables 55x55cm; 1 Perfekt plinth; 2 lazy susan bearings; one pot of strong contact adhesive.

Step 1: Cut the plinth into 4 equal lengths and attach together to form a square base. Cut a piece of mdf to size and nail onto the top.


Step 2: Glue one of the Lack table tops to the mdf.


Step 3: Cut the Lack table legs and glue together to form a square. This part will be used to raise up the uppermost table top.

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Step 4: Use glue to sandwich the lasy susan bearings between two matching pieces of mdf. Glue one side to the riser and glue the whole thing to the table-top. Glue the other lazy susan sandwich in place.


Step 5: Cut some table legs and fill with concrete to act as counter-weights to overhanging parts of the rotating table tops. These are inserted into the rotating table tops in the corner where the table is attached to the lazy susan bearing.

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Step 6: Glue the remaining two table tops to the lazy susan bearings (you may need to weigh them down until the gule sets).